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PC Repair

SoliSYSTEMS believes in leveraging knowledge.  Coupled with our entrepreneurial spirit, we leverage the knowledge we acquire when working on the different projects and offer it as a service to help our customers.  Some projects call for standing-up and tearing-down networks so frequently that it’s almost second nature to us.  Others require us to build PCs and servers with specific requirements to meet the needs of a particular tasks, you name it, and we have done it.

While performing these tasks, our engineers acquire the knowledge to work on and repair PCs at different levels.  At times a Network Interface Card (NIC) may break, or perhaps a switch has blown a port, which exhibits the same issue as a faulty NIC and we need to troubleshoot to pinpoint the problem, PCs get infected, whatever the problem, more than likely we have experienced it and fixed it at some point or another.

We leverage on this experience to provide customers in the Dallas area with these types of services.  At times it may be a large corporation that is short on staff and may require extra help for a project, or perhaps a company is too small to hire a full-time IT person and is experiencing issues with a PC, or you may need to upgrade your PC’s memory. Whatever the need is, we can surely help.  Please give us call at 214.256.3083 or email us at sales@solisystems.com

We are sure to have the right plan to service your computer needs.