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Custom Development

SoliSYSTEMS specializes in state-of-the art software development techniques using only technologies that are best suited for the need at hand.

We are not a “Linux shop” vs. a “.Net shop”, we are a “solutions shop”. So, if your needs come more from the Windows side that’s what we’ll go with, unless there is something blatant about a pre-conceived approach, then we’ll let you know.

Of course, if you don’t have the in-house expertise to even understand what the verbiage above, we can definitely guide you in the development process as well. First, we have an initial conversation with you regarding your needs, our first task is to listen to what you have in mind and would like to accomplish. Secondly, we write up what we perceived your needs were and review them with you, and we repeat this process until we all get on the same page. This process may require several conversations and email exchanges, as it is very common that you, as the customer, don’t always the necessary “system vocabulary” to express your idea to us, and these iterations are just a way for both of us to define the vocabulary, sort of get on the same page, then we can start defining what you really need.

The next phase is to allow us to define the system’s behavior, all the while providing you with information and accepting feedback from you (a lot of times customers do not want too much information from us and that’s OK), until we all agree on the system’s behavior, look-and-feel, and where it might reside once it is fully developed.

Once the system has been defined, we begin construction (or development), testing, and finally we deliver the system you with a set of test scripts, which you would use to try out the system and either accept it or not.

We make custom software development simple and attempt to remove the “stress” from the process. Often times we only deliver and not involve the customer at all, other times the customer is involved every step of the way; you decide the level of involvement.