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Allen, TX–based SoliSYSTEMS was founded in 2001 to provide the best IT services and solutions by matching the problem to the right technology, taking into consideration factors such as time and cost.  SoliSYSTEMS helps clients define and develop IT goals and strategies; and then it provides the development, integration, implementation and support necessary to achieve them.

SoliSYSTEMS’ goal is to deliver complete IT solutions that integrate the best product(s) for the task at hand and to deliver dependable technical support. We clearly understand that each component of an information system is integral to the working whole. At SoliSYSTEMS, we stay in stride with the progress of information technology to continuously support our clients with well-positioned solutions.

SoliSYSTEMS is a highly experienced smart card integration vendor with a strong background in providing smart card support to state governments and to commercial enterprises.  SoliSYSTEMS has the depth, flexibility and commitment to deliver on-time results.  One word that helps define us is “nimble” because we are quick to react, and adapt to customers’ needs.

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