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Corporate Experience

SoliSYSTEMS Corp. has an excellent track record with its existing and past customer base of delivering quality work with excellent customer satisfaction.  Let us review that background:

Solutran, Inc. (2014 to Present): The Front-End Gateway (FEG) is a key component of Solutran’s processing environment for the support of the SNAP and Online WIC, EBT programs. Solutran’s strategy to enter the electronic funds transfer (EFT) arena to support its EBT offerings automatically placed new demands on its current system architecture. These demands included PIN Management, Interchange Message interfaces, Real-time pre-authorization support, and high-availability processing with clearly defined service level agreements (SLA’s), as well as other related capabilities. While Solutran focused on developing its main authorization host, it contracted SoliSYSTEMS to develop the FEG and related services.

State of Texas (2008 to Present):

  • The State of Texas needed an efficient and cost effective way to perform Vendor Certifications for the WIC program.  The application needed to be shared with role assignments for various WIC Authorities, FNS, Developers/Resellers, etc…  SoliSYSTEMS developed and hosts for the State of Texas the Integrated Certification Utility Cloud.  The ICU Cloud is a centralized model enabling the ICU (Integrated Certification Utility) Cloud, Web, Remote Synchronization and User Management software components. This allows for central management of information that Users can readily access, maintain and share. The ICU Cloud tracks results from each Certification Event (CE). The Customer mines this information for purposes of information management and sharing vendor certification data. ICU Cloud provides central management of this information such that users can readily access, maintain and share this information.
  • When the State of Texas issued an emergency requisition for over one million cards to be deployed from June 2008 through May 2009, it was SoliSYSTEMS who HAL sub-contracted on its behalf to test the cards, participate in Texas UAT, and to provide ongoing support for Texas.  Currently, SoliSYSTEMS still provides the State of Texas smart cards that are used for their WIC program.
  • SoliSYSTEMS worked with Texas WIC as a primary contractor in support of the Communications API solution for WIC clinics, a.k.a WIC COM API 2.0.

Nissan Mexicana (2008 to Present): In 2008, SoliSYSTEMS developed a solution for managing the complete details of every part required in the vehicle assembly process at the Nissan Mexicana plants, and to every system that requires it.  With the growth of the plants a robust system was needed.  In 2013, SoliSYSTEMS began the Master Administration of Codes System (MACS) Project, which includes custom software development, hosting, hardware procurement, installation and commissioning of the same.  Our goal was to provide Nissan Mexicana with a high quality, robust system, capable of supporting their needs for years to come. MACS became a critical component of the plants, acting as the HUB/Broker, for all things related to part-codes to all systems requiring it.

Quick Cash Systems (2010 to Present): Quick Cash Systems is an ATM gateway for debit card use. Quick Cash Systems provides ATM processing for customers requesting service (financial institutions, and ISO’s).  SoliSYSTEMS provides hosting and PCI Compliance services for Quick Cash Systems.

State of New Mexico (2007 to Present):

  • Again, as the subcontractor to Hitachi America Ltd., (HAL), SoliSYSTEMS designed and wrote the MULTOS chip’s WIC EBT application software to emulate the application software on the Gemplus proprietary MPCOS, R4 chip; the specifications for this application software was owned by the State.  At that time, Gemplus (now called Gemalto) had made a unilateral decision to move from a proprietary R4 chips to a proprietary R5 chip.  The R5 was not compatible with the R4, and the State of New Mexico was faced with the real possibility of not only having to replace all of its then current smart cards, but also require the retailers to modify the code in their WIC application support systems.  When HAL asked SoliSYSTEMS if it could develop and test a system on MULTOS, an international standard with heightened security, but to emulate the R4 so that the retailers did not have to change the coding in their systems, SoliSYSTEMS stepped up to the challenge.   SoliSYSTEMS developed the application software over several months and then, on behalf of Hitachi America, was involved in the testing with the State of New Mexico as well as the USDA FNS and its representatives.  At the time of the testing, the new MULTOS card with application software developed by SoliSYSTEMS worked flawlessly.  The State of New Mexico was able to continue its deployments of its EBT WIC cards without concern for re-issuance nor any requirement for the retailers to alter their software.
  • In the past year SoliSYSTEMS has done additional work with the State of New Mexico as a primary contractor.  SoliSYSTEMS deployed a Communications API solution for WIC clinics, and recently SoliSYSTEMS deployed a PDA solution to assist the State in performing vendor monitoring.
  • Currently, SoliSYSTEMS still provides the State of New Mexico smart cards that are used for their WIC program.

Cherokee Nation and Isleta of Pueblo Indian Tribal Organization (2009 to Present):

  • After Hitachi exited the smart card business, opportunities surfaced for smart card deployment and support for two tribal councils located in the Southwest.  As the primary contractor, SoliSYSTEMS helped the councils with their card design and process, and then procured the WIC EBT smart cards needed by each tribal council, respectively.
  • Currently, SoliSYSTEMS still provides the Cherokee Nation and Isleta of Pueblo Indian Tribal Organization smart cards that are used for their WIC program.

Circuit Breaker Analyzer, Inc. (2013 to 2015):  Circuit Breaker Analyzer wanted to bring to the market a solution for facilitating the testing of circuit breakers, and in the future other devices, using a self-patented technique based on the iPhone’s accelerometer feature. The solution developed by SoliSYSTEMS, code-named CBAnalyzer, consists of an iPhone app and a back-end website that will offer its registered users the capability to capture a circuit breaker’s (CB) vibration signature with the iPhone, then transmit it to the back-end website for analysis using a pattern recognition feature in the back-end system. The back-end system will then notify the iPhone user with the results of the analysis.  With the success of the iPhone application, Circuit Breaker Analyzer requested a desktop version to be developed by SoliSYSTEMS as well.  This successful project earned several Innovative Products of the Year awards!

ii2p (Integrity, Innovation, People) (2009 – 2010): using the same MULTOS chip used by various government entities for WIC EBT, SoliSYSTEMS, as the primary contractor, developed a password management system, called ii2P MyVault™.  This product automatically stores, retrieves and auto-populates one credentials (i.e., ID and password) to any intranet or Internet site requesting such.  This product has been very successful in meeting password management requirements across the United States.

Owner of WIC EBT card application software (2009): When Hitachi made the decision to globally exit the smart card business in March 2009, Hitachi required a third-party to acquire the EBT smart card application software, and to provide ongoing support for Hitachi’s customers.  Hitachi America selected SoliSYSTEMS as it had originally developed the card application software; therefore, in July 2009, Hitachi sold to SoliSYSTEMS all the smart card application software.  Further, the states of New Mexico and Wyoming independently asked Hitachi to re-assign its respective contracts to their States, Hitachi agreed to do so, transferring the warranty liability to SoliSYSTEMS for those two states.

State of Wyoming (2008 – 2009).  The State of Wyoming had developed a new WIC EBT system modeled on the State of New Mexico’s system.  So, it was natural that Wyoming would request Hitachi America Ltd. (HAL) to provide them with WIC EBT smart cards.  Throughout HAL’s support of Wyoming for WIC EBT, it was SoliSYSTEMS who modified the application code for Wyoming, who tested the card and participated in the Wyoming UAT, and who was involved in troubleshooting issues with the WIC EBT system of Wyoming, developed by another vendor (not Hitachi).  SoliSYSTEMS performed these duties as a subcontractor to Hitachi America Ltd.

New England PARTNERS (NEP) (2002 thru 2006).  As the subcontractor to Hitachi America Ltd. (HAL), SoliSYSTEMS designed and coded HAL’s WIC EBT system that supported the NEP EBT program.  All technical design documents such as the General System Design Document, the Detailed Design Document and the Security Plan were originally authored at SoliSYSTEMS on behalf of HAL.  Roque Solis of SoliSYSTEMS worked directly with the technical teams of each of the NEP States to coordinate the development of the overall EBT solution to align properly with each State.  Additionally, after designing and coding the NEP WIC EBT system, SoliSYSTEMS wrote the test scripts for each major system test including the NEP User Acceptance Test (UAT), at which the USDA’s agent conducting UAT, Booz, Allen & Hamilton, gave that system the highest marks ever given to a new WIC EBT system to that point.