eWIC Smart Card

Based on standard credit-card size form factor the eWIC smart card can carry pertinent Participant and Benefits information securely and conveniently.  With over 2.5 million cards deployed, the eWIC smart card from SoliSYSTEMS has become the de-facto standard for offline WIC EBT payments.

This product is based on the offline payment scheme for WIC EBT; where the issuance and redemption of benefits take place in a completely offline framework.  The smart card carries pertinent Participant and Benefit information in a secure device known as Integrated Chip Card (ICC), which is embedded in a normal credit-card size (ID1 type) form factor. With over 2.5 million eWIC cards on the street, this product has proven to be an efficient, low-cost alternative to payments, given that it carries no acquirer and/or processor surcharges.  The eWIC smart card can be tailored to the needs of each WIC Authority, starting from its security to its artwork, electronic personalization and packaging. To date, our eWIC smart card has become the de-facto standard for offline WIC EBT payments.

MobiWIC Stand-beside WIC Terminal


SoliSYSTEMS MobiWIC is an affordable mobile solution for offline WIC transactions.  MobiWIC was developed to enhance acceptance by attracting a new class of merchants.  An economical solution that brings WIC wherever it’s needed most!

For more details see MobiWIC – Portable, Convenient & Secure! or email us at sales@solisystems.com.

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cyberJack Universal for eWIC

cyberJack Universal

The cyberJack Universal for eWIC is a secure smart card reader with dual-interface capabilities. With custom firmware for the eWIC smart card, the cyberJack Universal allows host applications to utilize the security provided by the SAMeWIC to manage the eWIC smart card by managing all of the security keys right from the SAMeWIC vs. the software; making it a extremely secure method of dealing with the eWIC smart card.  The cyberJack Universal is currently deployed in various parts of Europe utilized in financial application dealing with chip+pin payment cards, making it one of the most secure desktop smart card readers in the world.

UPC Audit


SoliSYSTEMS UPC Collection application called UPC Audit, automates many individual tasks associated with collecting UPCs and auditing the WIC vendors.  Through the use of an Android-based Mobile Device, a WIC agent can simply scan a new WIC item to automatically record the UPC. UPC Audit is very useful in automating the audit of a food vendor by providing the agent with five key survey forms.


The SAMeWIC is a security authentication module (SAM) specifically designed for the eWIC smart cards.  The SAMeWIC comes in a ID0 or ID1 and ID1-punched, form factors and can be used with either a desktop reader or in virtually any available SAM slot in a Point-of-Sale.

With its built-in diversification algorithms the SAMeWIC can facilitate access to the eWIC smart card without compromising the mother keys in the payment scheme.  With the SAMeWIC a host application, whether it is in a Point-of-Sale terminal or a PC-based application, can request card-pecific key information at connect time and will be exchanged using a secure channel between the host application and the SAMeWIC.  The secure channel is established by the host application and SAMeWIC at initialization time and is maintained throughout the interaction with the eWIC smart card; a new secure channel is established with every different eWIC smart to prevent replay attacks. SoliSYSTEMS makes available an Application Programming Interface to interact with the SAMeWIC or at an additional cost provide the run-time libraries associated in order to speed up the development or integration time.

eWIC cyberJack TAN

The eWIC cyberJack TAN is a portable, battery-operated smart card reader with special firmware to handle updates to the eWIC smart card without the use of cables not connections of any kind to a PC. The eWIC cyberJack TAN is a smart card reader for the eWIC smart card brings a very specific level of capabilities to any eWIC program.  Combined with a web application, the cyberJack TAN provides the ability for a WIC Authority to send modifications to a Participant’s eWIC smart card and these changes can be applied from any personal computer, Tablet and/or smart phone.  The cyberJack TAN transfers data to the eWIC smart card by being placed against the computer’s screen and reading a flickering control off the screen using its 5 light-reading sensors.