> MobiWIC - Portable, Convenient & Secure!


Introducing MobiWIC from SoliSYSTEMS, Corp.

SoliSYSTEMS, Corp is excited to offer an affordable mobile solution for offline WIC transactions. Our MobiWIC solution was developed to enhance acceptance by attracting a new class of merchants.  MobiWIC is an economical solution that brings WIC wherever it’s needed most.  For the MobiWIC Brochure click here.

Convenience & Portability

Mobile wireless or WIFI connectivity in a lightweight and durable package that features an integrated barcode scanner, printer and smart card reader for fast and convenient offline WIC transactions.

Cloud-Based Versatility

Remotely access device configuration and important WIC functions securely – using any web browser.

  • Manage offline WIC claim files, settlement with the State and administrative reporting.
  • Integrate multiple WIC Authority programs and synchronize data with multiple branches.
  • Aggregate X9.93 files from multiple terminals using V2 or V4 file formats.
  • Receive customized notifications and status alerts from synchronization and reconciliation processes.
  • Remotely update multiple price lists.

For more details email us at sales@solisystems.com.

Assured Security

PCI compliant for transaction and data security.  MobiWIC delivers high-level security, ensuring that cardholder data is encrypted instantly.  Customized access by user roles ensures transaction and data security.

MobiWIC Support or FAQ’s

For MobiWIC Support or FAQ’s click here.