UPC Audit

UPC Audit Image_2

SoliSYSTEMS UPC Collection application called UPC Audit, automates many individual tasks associated with collecting UPCs and auditing the WIC vendors. Through the use of an Android Mobile Device, a WIC agent can simply scan a new WIC item to automatically record the UPC. This effort eliminates number transposition and other human recording errors. This process is much faster and is a significant time-saver.  What might have taken an hour or more, UPC Audit can accomplish in a few minutes.

Moreover, UPC Audit can take up to two digital pictures of each inventory item which is very helpful to WIC clinic staffs who train the WIC clients. Now, clinicians can show a client a picture of the new prescribed food item and it’s backside containing the nutritional facts.  Upon return to the WIC office, the agent can automatically download the data to his or her desktop PC where the UPCs are checked, and the APL is updated.

UPC Audit is very useful in automating the audit of a food vendor by providing the agent with five key survey forms. These forms are automated for ease of use – in checking WIC items and in interviewing the food vendor. They each produce a key report for the WIC agent.