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SoliSYSTEMS Corp. key product offering and services include, but are not limited to:

  • Smart Card Application Development
  • Application Management Systems
  • Smart Card Production Application
  • Technical Project Management
  • Technical Consulting

Smart Card Application Development – We support the entire cycle of design and development including requirements gathering, systems planning design, coding, hardware procurement, testing, and quality assurance.  SoliSYSTEMS can support MEL, Java and C++ development languages.  SoliSYSTEMS has designed and developed custom application on an array of vertical markets.  We can advise on the best ways to:

  • Make an affordable transition to smart card technology
  • Ensure smart cards are securely integrated with your applications
  • Produce requirements specifications
  • Develop the necessary processes securing, issuing and managing cards
  • Plan the card life cycle management
  • Evaluate and recommend hardware selection
  • Provide a smart card security evaluation

Application Management Systems – This component can be used as a stand-alone application for managing ALUs (Application Load Unit), or in an environment where there is already an existing Identify or Card Management System. The system can implement a mutual authentication mechanism in order to communicate with the server-side application. An end-customer can select a card or series of cards to receive a new ALU.

Key Management is performed using SafeNet’s Protect Server Gold Hardware Security Module (HSM) with functions exposed through web services. The database is based on Microsoft’s SQL Server 2005 and can be loaded with a custom card numbering scheme or based on the unique MULTOS ID from the enablement data.

Smart Card Production Application – SoliSYSTEMS has extensive experience in the smart card industry and card personalization. Regardless of the card production volume, we tailor a framework of utilities that will facilitate the production process.

This utility is loaded with card production log files, which are then interpreted using business rules, in order to determine if the process has yielded, or is yielding smart cards with duplicate numbers. This application also assists the operator in re-submitting failed or rejected smart cards into the production cycle without causing false duplicate card reporting.

Technical Project Management – We offer system planning and ongoing technical project management to help drive the preliminary stages of a project.  When a customer needs an unbiased opinion to assess feasibility, provide a situation analysis, and /or determine functional requirements, we can:

  • Establish a project methodology and help determine how your organization wants the project run from initiation through implementation
  • Provide plan details such as project estimates, work breakdown structures, network diagrams, project schedules, Gantt charting, risk plans, etc.
  • Execute the project by establishing project baselines, executing control plans, tracking project progress and updating all project plans
  • Develop a Quality Assurance plan that describes what needs to be done to ensure the appropriate measures of quality throughout the project.  This might include preparation of the test script and/or system testing using a third-party’s test scripts, benchmarking or performance testing and training.

Systems Integration – SoliSYSTEMS has been engaged in the past few years to install and integrate new technologies such as smart cards, RFID and biometrics in an array of scenarios.  In 2008, we procured and installed a biometric (vein pattern recognition) solution to resolve a chronic issue with workers making unauthorized assembly line changes at Mexican car manufacturing plant and developed a fingerprint biometrics / smart card solution to front-end a municipal government’s single sign-on application in order to provide strong authentication.

Technical Consulting – We have developed practical knowledge and expertise in the development, implementation, and operation of application software for PCs, servers and host systems, and smart cards.