EBT / eWIC Product Line

With nearly two decades in the Government EBT & WIC space, we offer solutions to all stakeholders involved in the eWIC payment universe. ​

MobiWIC Terminal

Designed for the merchant that wants to accept eWIC but does not want to integrate a new terminal into their existing cash register. The MobiWIC is a stand-alone terminal with an integrated UPC scanner. It has everything you need to meet your state’s eWIC requirements in one small form factor. 

MobiWIC comes with a simple web application that submits your claim files to the state and allows you to monitor your eWIC sales and reimbursements with customizable reports.

cyberJack Reader

Built to withstand the rigors of daily use, the USB cyberJack has become the standard for WIC Administrators and Clinics to set up, read and edit eWIC cards. 

eWIC Signature Panel

USB Signature Pad is perfect for WIC clinics enrolling new members. Large enough to capture long signatures and easily readable in varying light conditions. 

cyberJack Wave

Take the WIC clinic wherever its needed most, with the cyberJack Wave,  a mobile bluetooth eWIC reader/writer for use outside the traditional WIC clinic. 

SoliWIC Print

SoliWIC Print is a portable terminal with the card reader and receipt printer that makes certification and compliance testing of eWIC payment systems fast and convenient.

K36 SoliWIC Bluetooth Printer

An optional Bluetooth printer compatible with large paper rolls for use with SoliWIC Print. Makes certifications more convenient by reducing the frequency of paper roll changes. 

UPC Audit

A mobile terminal for eWIC authorities that automates and documents merchant compliance audits and makes the management of the Approved Products List fast and convenient.


The ICUC is a local cloud based software utility for eWIC authorities to manage certification test scripts, document certification events and format test and training cards.

eWIC Terminal Certification

SoliSYSTEMS has over a decade of experience in the certification of point of sale terminals for WIC compliance. 

eWIC Smart Cards

SoliSYSTEMS is the leading supplier of smart cards for eWIC states using “offline” systems.