Vision Inspection & Pattern Recognition

Vision inspection systems and machine learning offer new solutions to solve old problems and present opportunities for process enhancements and data collection that can increase efficiency and save money.

Print Reading & Verification

  • Optical character recognition and verification.
  • 2D imaging for verification of barcodes and text on high speed production lines.

Pre-Assembly Interference Check

  • Detect loose screws / parts
  • Foreign material in mounting area
  • Detect flash

QC-Defect Detection

  • Verify object height and skew
  • Micron-level accuracy
  • Inspect multiple bottles in a single view
  • Measure in real-world units

Verification of Final Assembly

  • Cut final assembly times

Pre-Assembly Component Check

  • Component Dimensioning
  • Insertion Verification
  • Height / Tilt Check

Presence/Absence Inspection

  • Identify improperly filled boxes
  • Low contrast inspection
  • Verify object height in each zone

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