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A Better Way to Accept Payments - Powered by SoliSYSTEMS

Why SoliMarket?

SoliMarket is the ideal solution for states looking to modernize their Farmers’ Market Nutrition Programs.  

In today’s marketplace, paper checks are inefficient and inconvenient to both shoppers and farmers who expect seamless payment solutions that are fast and secure. 

SoliMarket is a mobile payment application designed to replace traditional paper checks for distributing Farmers Market Nutrition Program funds. 

Powerful Management Tools

The SoliPortal is a powerful tool for agency staff to manage participant information, create accounts, issue benefits and track utilization.

  • Manage participants information
  • Manage / Track benefit utilization
  • Manage Farmers and Market information
  • Easy access to transaction history
  • Powerful backend functions for program management and benefit issuance.


  • State agencies each have unique program rules to implement. SoliMarket makes it easy for states to individually customize settlement and business rules quickly and easily. 
  • SoliMarket is based on the CopernicusPay Platform. Its modular design is optimized to allow for plugging in different feature sets – without affecting the existing deployment’s stability.


  • Eliminates keeping track of paper checks / vouchers
  • Agencies can track benefit issuance and utilization 
  • Automatically scheduled direct-deposited payments to farmers. No need to bring checks to a bank for payment.
  • Easy access to transaction history

Technical Support

SoliMarket users have access to US based technical support by SoliSYSTEMS staff by phone and support portal.

Secure Workflow

Customized settings to ensure program integrity: 

  • Permissions and user access levels can be set to meet the needs of different users. 
  • Custom reports for efficient oversight and conformance auditing. 
  • More secure than paper checks
  • Transactions digitally signed on blockchain