Signature Panel

This WACOM USB Signature Panel is perfect for WIC clinics enrolling new members. Large enough to capture long signatures and easily readable in varying light conditions.

About the Wacom STU-430

The Wacom STU-430 is a full-featured, monochrome signature pad with a new thin design and a low-profile, flat surface.The 4.5’’ screen is large enough to capture longer signatures as well as to accommodate soft buttons in addition to the signature area.

Signature Pad Features

Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions

161 x 174 x 11 mm

Communication Interface

USB 2.0

Power Supply


Screen Type

F-STN, positive reflective

Screen Size

4.5" (96 x 60 mm)

Screen Resolution

320 x 200 pixels

Reading Method

Electromagnetic resonance (EMR)

Pen Pressure Levels


Report Rate

200 pps

Sensor Resolution

2.540 lpi

Coordinate Accuracy

± 0.5 mm (center)

Security Lock Slot


Battery-free Pen


Cordless Pen


System Requirements

Windows ® 8, 7, Vista, XP TM (excl. x64 version), compatible with terminal servers

Development Requirements

C++, .Net, and Java SDK/API available for developers

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